English Resources

English was introduced to Africa as a colonial language, but it has united many countries and is the language of education and government in Ghana and Uganda.

Teaching Resources from Every Child Ministries in English:
(Listed in alphabetical order here.  See "By Topic" for topical listings)

4-Language Dictionary (English-Congo Kituba-Congo Lingala-Congo-French)

Acts of the Apostles--Inductive Bible Studies for Youth

Answers on Shrine Slavery

Answers to the Afrikania Mission

Are you lazy? Bible Lesson on Diligence

Barnabas, Move Over!

Basic Training for Caregivers of Other People's Children

Children with Albinism-Albinism

Children with Albinism-Albino Friend Scientific Explanation

Children with Albinism-Burying Myths Concerning Children with Albinism

Children with Albinism-Do you Have an Albino Friend

Children with Albinism-Questions & Answers

Children with Albinism-To the Albino Child

Children with Albinism-To Teachers & School Administrators Teaching Albino Children

Children with Albinism-To the Parents of an Albino Child

Christmas Lesson--For Me, For You

City Child Poem

Colossians-Inductive Bible Study

Do Christians Honor the Ancient Egyptian god Amen-Ra when they say "Amen" in their prayers?

Does my prayer please God?

Ephesians-Inductive Bible Study

Ezra--Inductive Bible Study for Youth

Genesis--Book of the Foundations of our Faith Part I (Genesis 1-12)

God's Roving Workers-Priscilla & Aquila

Great Commission Ascension

Haggai--Inductive Bible Study for Youth

Hebrews (Selections)--Inductive Bible Study for Youth

History of Africa in Christian Perspective-

The Presuppositions that form the basis of our conclusions regarding African history

Principles of Dating African History & Other Prehistoric Events

From Babel to the Rise of Egypt

The Rise of the Two Egypts

How can I use the Wordless Book to explain the Gospel?

How to understand & help hurting kids?

1 Corinthians--Inductive Bible Study for Youth

Is God near or far away?

Joel-Inductive Bible Study

Healing the Children of War, Outline (Urbana 2006)

Introductory Training for Workers in Hot Zones of Child Trafficking

Lessons for Shrine Devotees & Idolators

Letter to First Lady Michelle Obama on Abortion

Letter on Partial Birth Abortion

Lord's Prayer-Inductive Bible Study

Love God

Micro-Credit Training

Ministering to Street Children

Ministering to Victims of the Sex Industry, Part 1

Nahum-Inductive Bible Study

New Family, New Kingdom

Obadiah-Inductive Bible Study

Occult Practices Condemned in the Bible

Psalms (Selections)--Inductive Bible Study for Youth

Psalm 119 Inductive Bible Study for Youth

Prosperity Principles from Proverbs

Run an Errand for Me, Titus

Slavery Does Exist in Ghana

Testimony of Lucien, former Tohossou fetish priest

Testimony of Maximum, from Sakpata fetish priest

The Betrayal of Jesus

The Crucifixion of Jesus

Using God's Money

What can Africans do to help stop shrine slavery?

Why Christians Aren't Humanists

Why not ask the spirits?  Or the stars?

You can help protect children against the lure of prostitution