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Christian Education Training for Africa Topics

USING MATERIALS FROM ECM:  You may freely print, duplicate, and use these resources in your church, Bible school, or any ministry that honors Jesus Christ our Saviour and Lord.  They are a free gift to you from Every Child Ministries.  We are sorry that we cannot honor requests to send printed materials, but we hope these will be a help to you.  Please contact Every Child Ministries for permission to translate.  We would love to know how you are using these materials, and what other topics are most needed.  THANK YOU & GOD BLESS

Becoming a Trainer who Touches Nations for God
     (Insights for those who would become "teachers of teachers" in Africa)

Giving Training that Touches Nations for God
     What are some methods of teacher training?

Becoming a Teacher who Touches Lives for God
     How to use this training   
     Mama's Monthly Letter to Teachers-For all who teach in Africa
     How to Set Goals for Ministry 

The Importance of Children:
How can a teacher get God's heart for children?
     Why is it important to teach children?

The Teacher:
     Who can teach children and youth in the church's name?
     Does God really judge teachers more severely?  Why?
     How can we keep on growing as teachers?
     Checklist for Evaluating Teachers
     Evaluate Yourself & Become a Better Teacher

     Powerful Words of Encouragement
The Children's Program:
     What do we do in a children's ministry program?
     How should we use music, rhythm and dance in a children's ministry?
     Do Your Children's Songs Measure Up?
     How should we teach children to pray?

     How can we teach children to memorize, understand and apply Bible verses?
    How can we teach children how to use the Bible?
     How can we teach children to give an offering?

     How can we teach chldren practical matters for daily life?
          Some practical mini-lessons:
                Papaya, a wonderful gift from God
                Water, the gift of life
                What you eat is what you are

The Bible Lesson--Preparing It & Teaching It
     Whom do we teach in a children's ministry?
     What is a life-related lesson & what difference does it make?  
     (How can a teacher teach with the life needs of his students in mind?)
      How can we discover life needs?
     How can we choose a Bible passage for a lesson?

     What is a lesson aim or teaching objective & why is it important?
     What are the four essential parts of a Bible lesson?
     A Bible Lesson--The Introduction or Beginning
     A Bible Lesson--The Teaching, Bible Story, or Lesson Development
     A Bible Lesson--The Life Application for the Christian Student
     A Bible Lesson--The Invitation for the Unsaved Student
     How can we lead children to Christ following the invitation?
      How can we plan lessons that change lives?
     How can we prepare and organize a Bible lesson?
     How to Teach Effectively from Notes
     Prepare Your Lesson Through the Week--Relax on Sunday Morning
     How Can a Teacher Discover His Students Needs?
     How to Outline a Bible Story

     How can we review past lessons?

Child Evangelism, Winning Students to Christ:
     What does it mean to be saved?  What is the Gospel?
     How can we lead children to Christ?
     How can we use the Wordless Book to explain the Gospel
     (Child evangelism or explaining the Gospel using simple color symbolism)
     Bible verses & questions for use with the Wordless Book

Follow up of Converts, Growth for New Believers:
     How can we follow up, encourage and build up new believers?
     What are some basic steps of Christian growth for new believers in Christ?
 What are some basic steps of Christian growth for new believers
     (Detailed with Scripture and explanation)
     How can we help Christian students with their problems?
     Follow Up in Today's Mobile Society

Adapting Teaching to Age & Ability of Class:
     How can we adapt our teaching to the mentally impaired?
     How can we adapt our teaching to different age & educational levels?
     How can we adapt our teaching to preschool children?
     How can we adapt our teaching to Nursery & Kindergarten?
     How can we adapt our teaching to Primary classes 1-3?
     How can we adapt our teaching to Primary classes 4-6? (Summary)
How can we adapt our teaching to Primary classes 4-6? (Detailed)
     How can we adapt our teaching to Junior Secondary School students?
     How can we adapt our teaching to Senior Secondary School students?
     How can we adapt our teaching to Adults?
     How can we adapt our teaching to oral societies (non-literate)?
     How can we adapt Bible teaching to different learning styles?
     How can we adapt our teaching to help children with Albinism?

Special Topics for Teachers:
     When & how is it OK to add "Padding" to the Bible lesson?
     What value is there in Bible games?
     How can we teach effectively from notes?
     How can we maintain discipline in the classroom?
     What if you are only a helper in a ministry program?
     What are six principles of effective storytelling?
     How can we make the lesson more interesting through use of visual aids?
     How can I use flannelgraph figures effectively in the Bible lesson?
     How can a teacher be led by the Spirit in teaching? (Spirit-led teaching)
     What if my class is very small? 
     How can we grow young missionaries?
     Library in a Box
     History of the Sunday School Movement
     Teaching Materials
     Building More Effective Files of Pictures
     Memorize with Meaning
     Memorize and Remember
     Memory Teaching--More Effective, More Fun
     Puppets Mini-Workshop
     Special Days Can Help Your Class Grow
     Sunday School Logistics Questions

 Planning Lessons & Series of Lessons:
     How can we plan Bible lessons around a theme?
     How can we plan a series of lessons in Bible order?
     Some possible units of Bible teaching
     Planning for Variety in Teaching