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Every Child Ministries highly recommends:

Answers in Genesis
(Answers to your questions about the Bible and science, creation and evolution, the reliability of Genesis, the interpretation of Genesis, fossils, the age of the earth, Noah's Ark, and much more)

Bible Gateway
(Search the Bible in a variety of versions & languages, hear audio version of daily devotional, order a Bible to purchase)

Black Genocide
(What has killed more blacks than anything else?  What was intended to decimate the black race?  Find out the answers at Black Genocide & learn what you can do to save blacks from extinction.)

Free Bible images

Images that can be used free of charge to illustrate Bible stories, covering main stories of the whole Bible, and more.

Dictionary of Trokosi Terms (Information on Ritual Servitude or Modern-Day Slavery in Idol Shrines)

(Specialized but easy-to-understand dictionary listing of semi-technical terms & acronymns frequently used in the controversy over ritual servitude in traditionalshrines of West Africa. Essential  guide to understanding the issues.

Institute for Creation Research

(Organization of degree-holding scientists who believe in Biblical Creation, known for research, education & publications regarding Bible & science, upholding the Genesis account, also known for debating on a scientific basis those who believe in the evolutionary  explanation of origins.)

    Life News
      (Read news affecting issues of human life.  Sign up to have pro-life news updates delivered weekly or daily to your email box.)

Lorella Rouster, Love Congo
Author page by one of the founders of Every Child Ministries

Magdalena Movie
Magdalena: Through Her Eyes, The true story of Jesus seen through the eyes of Mary Magdalene

My BIG African Family
(Mama Lorella Rouster's personal blog (Every Child Ministries)

Modern-Day Abolitionist
(Another of Mama Lorella Rouster's blogsites, this one specifically in opposition to modern-day slavery, which is a problem in one form or another in many African countries)

Recordings in African Languages, some with Pictures

(Bible stories in many African languages, available for free download.  Many have pictures.  Play on computer.)

Truth for Africa Lovers
(Truth about the practice of African ritual servitude called trokosi, truth about ancient African deities and other matters of vital importance to African people, truth about the Afrikania movement, truth about Afrocentrism and related topics.)


World Missionary Press
(Order Gospel booklets in a wide variety of African languages, free as God provides the resources for shipping)


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